Add-A-Twist: Backpack Organizer

Add-A-Twist is the answer to all your packing needs. This multi-purpose container designed by Joachim Nordwall is light, practical and most importantly reliable. Whether you plan on bringing it along to the next camping trip or packing your lunch for the day, it is created for anyone on the go. Allow this product to organize and secure your things while you worry about the bigger picture.


The bottle comes with the three stackable containers, all held together by a top handle. Imagine not having to deal with multiple containers that slide everywhere, for a change they are neatly held together. The containers are also BPA-free, causing no harm to food products and the user’s health. You are not limited to only storing food. In fact, it can be the perfect place to put small equipment. This can range from camera rolls, a USB, chargers, jewelry, etc.


All three containers have double-sealed lids to make them waterproof and airtight. That’s right, you no longer have to panic about the salad dressing getting everywhere. The measurements are as follows: the large container holds 540mL (9.18 x 13.6cm), the medium container holds 300mL (9.18 x 8.6cm), and the small container holds 112mL (9.18 x 4.6cm). Each one has measuring lines and if you happen to find yourself in open water, don’t worry, they float.


Since this product is so compact, it has been manufactured to have bayonet locks on each lid to ensure quick access. These locks are what secure Add-A-Twist and provide you with peace of mind on your next excursion. None of your things will be misplaced or out of order. To keep it stylish, this backpack organizer is available in four colours: black, blue, pink, or gold. A product this versatile is rare to find. To learn more or to purchase Add-A-Twist, click here.


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