Acteon: Compact Antibacterial Beach Towels

The Acteon is an antibacterial beach towel. Highly compact and ultra light, it is constructed with durable microfibre. This innovative design helps save on space whilst packing for travelling. Folded away into smaller bundles, users can store multiple Acteon towels in the place of one average towel. Acteon-Towel-01 The Acteon towel is three times smaller than your regular cotton beach towel. The marked guidelines assist the user in folding the towel into a compact bundle. There is also an attached elastic tag band to keep the bundle together. Dually, this band can be used to hang the towel to dry when needed. Acteon-Towel-02 These towels were specifically designed to remain fresh after several uses, remaining odourless and reusable. Treated with silver antimicrobial ions, the design also prohibits bacterial spread. The Acteon collects less dirt, remaining sanitary and soft. Acteon-Towel-03 Weighing only 8.7 ounces, this amazing microfiber beach towel dries faster – almost three times quicker – than the average cotton towel. Aesthetically, the towels are attractive, boasting a selection of soothing geometrical shapes inspired by nature. Finally, perhaps most impressive about the Acteon design is its eco-friendly nature! Each unit is entirely recyclable! To read more about Acteon visit its Kickstarter page! Acteon-Towel-05

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