A Movie Mask

Turn your smartphone into your own personal movie theatre with MovieMask, your portable cinema. For those who enjoy viewing television and film close-up, but aren’t completely satisfied with the experience that virtual reality gear brings to the table, MovieMask is a clear winner. The mask comes in two different sizes; MovieMask GO and MovieMask Premium, which offers customizable length options, softer face padding, and a single lens system that allows for a beautiful panoramic image right before your own eyes. While VR headsets have been created before, none are as impressive as MovieMask. The patented single lens system means that 100% of the display pixels are being used instead of the 25% that competitors have to offer. The resolution is also more impressive, which makes it easier on the user’s eyes as well as being a more pleasant experience. VR headsets do a great job at displaying video games, but fail to portray a perfect resolution for film. MovieMask supports almost all smartphones, is compatible with glasses, and neatly folds away when not in use. The soft fabric of the movie mask is available in Polar Night Black, Granite Grey, and Glacier Blue for premium models. The technology is incredibly easy to use. Simply open the mask, place your smartphone on the lid, open any 2D app on your phone, then lock the mask and put it on. It’s useful to use at home or on the go, whether you’re looking to relax in bed or keep to yourself on a plane. No matter your situation, MovieMask makes it possible for you to watch content in a dark cinema-like atmosphere. If you’re looking to watch your favorite movies in your own personal cinema, check out MovieMask here!

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