9 Most Remarkable Designs of 2013

#1: Kite Invisibility Cloak Against Mosquitoes

kite-patch-invisibility-cloak-against-mosquitoes-02 A team of scientists, engineers, and product designers invented a small patch that makes you practically invisible to mosquitoes.

#2: Pico Dwelling Micro Apartment

engineer-pico-dwelling-micro-apartment-01 Boeing engineer Steven Sauer combined his pragmatic design along with his keen craftsmanship skills to push the limits of defining his ultra-efficient space.

#3: Tile Crowdsourced Lost and Found

Tile makes finding a lost object easy with a sensor that tells you whether you are getting closer or farther within a 50-150 ft range.

#4: Bradley, The Watch That Lets You Feel Time

the-bradley-touch-and-feel-time-05 Inspired by Bradley Snyder, an ex-naval officer who lost his eyesight for his nation, Eone designed a timepiece that can tell time by the touch.

#5: Ocean Clean-Up Project

ocean-clean-up-project-02 19-year-old Boyan Slat designed a project to collect 7.25 million tons of ocean plastic within five years. The best part? It will be a self-sustaining platform that gathers its energy from the sun and ocean currents.

#6: Retractable Clothesline

retractable-clothesline-wide2 The Retractable Clothesline dries your clothes the old-fashioned way without taking up any space.

#7: Eyejusters Self-Adjustable Glasses

eyejusters-self-adjustable-glasses-04 Eyejusters are self-adjustable glasses designed to provide vision to the world, by eliminating the need for lenses to be prescribed.

#8: Staple-less Stapler

stapleless-stapler-wide This stapler secures up to 7 pages together by cutting a tiny arrow flap and tucking it back in – kind of like paper stitching.

#9: One Square Meter House

Van Bo’s world’s smallest house was listed on Airbnb in Berlin. Dozens of people experienced living in this ultra-minimalist house.

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