6dot Braille Labeler: Changing What It Means To Be Blind

The intent of design has always been to make people’s lives better, but when design is used to enable life, it has powerful effects that go beyond the tangible product. This is what start-up company 6dot Innovations aims to do this by completely rethinking the Braille Labeler and what it means to be blind. Braille labelers have traditionally been bulky, heavy, and time-consuming to use. 6dot saw the difficulties users experienced with these sub-designed products and knew the design had to be redone by putting the needs of the users first. 6dot-braille-labeler-changing-what-it means-to-be-blind-01 In contrast, 6dot’s Braille labeler is ultra-lightweight, compact, and truly portable as it is worn around the user’s shoulder. The machine has responsive buttons and can produce braille labels in different languages. Its built-in scissor-free cutting system is both safe and easy to use. How does it work? The user simply types the label via the built-in Braille keyboard or a plug-in QWERTY keyboard, and it will print a crisp label on demand. The user then and peels and sticks it on medication, food, appliance buttons, and any other items that need the extra identification. 6dot-braille-labeler-changing-what-it means-to-be-blind-05 Video:

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