The Moment: 4K Aerial Camera

Travelling anywhere cool? Into the latest technology? Enjoy taking amazing, high-quality pictures? Introducing The Moment Drone– a folldable 4K aerial camera! Take it with you anywhere and take the best pictures, at the best angles. The Moment is an affordable smart drone designed specifically to take great pictures wherever, whenever. When completely folded, it resembles the size of a notepad, making it efficient and easily transportable. Take 4K pictures with the smartphone app, edit them, and share them instantly! The Moment features auto-tracking technology that can track your face and body and follow you wherever you go- thoroughly enjoying a hands-free flying experience. Worried about shaky or blurry pictures? Fear not! The drone is designed with an electronic stabilizer, helping to protect from any nasty wind or gust. With the power of GPS, The Moment can instantly fly back to its home point if any complications happen to occur. Using the smartphone app, hit the Return to Home button and have it fly directly into your hands. Make the most of three different flight modes depending on the weather and environment. Adjust from low, medium, and high sensitivity modes to maintain steady flying in strong winds up to 11 mph. Additionally, The Moment makes it safe for children and pets with its powerful tri-blade propellers safely enclosed in plastic. Safely grab on and release the drone with no danger to yourself, or fly indoors without worrying about furniture. To learn more about The Moment and how you can get one for yourself, visit their Indiegogo page or watch the video below!

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