3D Connect: Draw Your Own Chair

At first sight, this chair looks innovative, futuristic and downright intriguing. What you don’t know is that this entire structure was created with a 3D Doodler pen. The renowned Korean designer, Jungsub Shim, poured his imagination and time into the 3D Connect chair so the world could stare in awe for a little while. Connect-03 The artist admits to working about roughly eight hours a day for two months on this creative venture. Using the 3D Doodler printing pen, this three-dimensional hand drawn chair is a glimpse into the future of design and technology. The material this pen releases into mid air is molten plastic which turns into a solid substance almost instantaneously. The Connect chair is made of single standing lines that are strategically bound together to mold into this desired structure. Connect-02 When questioned about the inspiration behind his design, Shim explains that the chair represents modern day human connection. He is fascinated with the way people connect globally, and also, how their mind connects to the rest of their bodies. When taking a close look at Connect’s detailed shape, it is easy to see what the artist means. Everything about this chair’s form is either dependent on its lines or held together by its spherical bonds. Connect-04 Connect is capable of supporting a person’s weight, making it more than just an artistic statement. It is a full functioning chair that can be relied on. The seat and back support remain completely flat for comfort, while the rest of Connect remains in its intricate state. Imagine the possibilities of having a 3D Doodler pen to create your own furniture. Connect-05 This chair has opened the doors for custom made designs. The average customer can quite literally create their own furniture in the convenience of their own home. To discover more details about the 3D Connect chair, please click here.

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