Poppy: 3D Camera For Your iPhone

Poppy is a 3D camera that works with your iPhone. By simply inserting your iPhone into the provided slot you are able to capture and preserve all your precious moments in 3D. poppy-3d-camera-for-your-iphone-01 After placing your iPhone together with the device, you have to turn the viewer clockwise so that the viewer is placed in a away that will capture what you see and slip it all inside your iPhone. poppy-3d-camera-for-your-iphone-02 Poppy works by using optics, which is why you can use this without batteries. Simple and economical, and with the stereoscope-like design of the device you can also view your videos and images in 3D. poppy-3d-camera-for-your-iphone-03 Using optics, the gadget captures the scene with separate images for the left and right eye and then combines these two, giving you a 3D image that looks almost life-like. You can also view and upload your images on YouTube using the device’s iOS compatible app. poppy-3d-camera-for-your-iphone-04 Poppy is now available in both black and white to give the user some freedom to choose which colour scheme they like best. poppy-3d-camera-for-your-iphone-05 Poppy is very easy to use and you can bring it with you without having to worry about charging batteries or bringing cords. Capture important events and preserve them the way you really see it with the Poppy 3D Camera for your iPhone.

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