365 Sleepybag: All Season Organic Baby Sleeping Bag

The 365 Sleepybag is a Kickstarter-funded project by Santosh Ghale and Shanti Gurung, founders of The Sleepy Company. The sleeping bag for babies offers a long term, safe and everyday solution to be used instead of blankets that can pose a hazard to young infants. 365-sleepybag-all-season-organic-baby-sleeping-bag-02 The designers’ goal was to create a sleeping bag that balanced comfort, safety and aesthetics in proportion. The sleeping bag addresses concerns such as overheating, suffocation, excessive cold and risk factors of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) while also being soft and durable. 365-sleepybag-all-season-organic-baby-sleeping-bag-03 What makes the 365 Sleepybag so dynamic is its ability to adapt to suit multiple needs. The bag has a generous amount of room to accommodate a growing baby or toddler, meaning less money spent on multiple bags as a child outgrows it. In addition to that, the bag conforms to the weather to provide more insulation or less as the seasons change. With two bags, one bag for the summer and one bag for fall or spring, the sleeping bags can adjust for your babies needs and both bags can be combined for colder winters or used as a lining. 365-sleepybag-all-season-organic-baby-sleeping-bag-04 The sleeping bag’s benefits go beyond what it does for infants, with eco-friendly practices that are sustainable for the environment and an ethically manufactured process that is fair to everyone involved in the making of the 365 Sleepybag. With 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, the sleeping bag contains no synthetics, polyester or harmful chemicals that may irritate a baby’s delicate skin. 365-sleepybag-all-season-organic-baby-sleeping-bag-05 The bag itself is thoughtfully made with a fitted neck so the baby’s head doesn’t slip in and a sleeveless design to reduce risk of overheating and promote circulation. The zipper is simple but clever, as it zips downward to prevent the baby from escaping but also allowing easy diaper changes without removing the whole bag. The zips are nickel-free and sewn in to avoid rubbing against the baby and includes a chin guard to ensure an irritation-free sleep. 365-sleepybag-all-season-organic-baby-sleeping-bag-06 The bell-shape allows for free movement and kicking and the underarm snaps work to accommodate a growing child. From the multitude of features to the manufacturing process, The Sleepy Company has worked to create a sleeping bag that is an essential sleeping companion to any baby or toddler. Video:

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