360 SHELF: A Shelf That Fits Anything

Are you a book lover and a design geek? Because this 360 SHELF designed by Luka Pirnat will be perfect for you. It can rotate however you want to hold your books, as well as add some amazing patterns and design on your wall. 360-SHELF-A Shelf-That-Fits-Anything-02 The shelf comes in one size but can fit all sizes. You can organize your books, tech, and other things using a simple and practical solution. It works at any angle and puts everything right at your finger tips. The shelf also comes in a variety of colours and materials so you can change the way you see your living space. It certainly looks great at any angle. Additionally, buying more than one can also allow you t make gorgeous design patterns with multiple colour, leaving your living room complete. 360-SHELF-A Shelf-That-Fits-Anything-03 The product is built on a simple adjustment system hidden inside, which allows you to set your own angle and enjoy the perspective. You can fit almost anything on it. Ranging from books and zines, tech gadgets, equipments, or for a simple display or your favourite things along with other shelves. The innovation of this design is fantastic; the frame will give support to any square and round objects in a various shapes and sizes. It is made out of high quality solid beech wood and will be available in four different finishes, with the most natural feels, they are all are amazing options for you to set up anywhere in your home. 360-SHELF-A Shelf-That-Fits-Anything-04 The 360 Shelf will make your life easier and fancy, and its not limited to only living rooms. It could be used in your kitchen for your store cook books and recipes, your bedroom for games and bedtime novels and your waiting room for things that make waiting easier. A beautiful and functional design, this is an item that will definitely fit right at home.

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