A 2D Furniture In a 3D World

We’ve all seen the words “easy storage” slapped onto the description of furniture, or mentioned in some infomercial, but Yanko Design takes this saying to the next level. The 90° Furniture collection by Louwrien Kaptein and Menno Bolt has created innovative furniture that actually folds right up! Designed for the living spaces of artists, the 90° Furniture collection consists of 4 main pieces: a work unit, sitting and sleeping unit cooking unit, and storage unit. Its designers describe each component as “a room divider and a functional piece of furniture, allowing unlimited combinations.” Each unit is simply 2 closed panels that rotate open to an angle of 90 degrees- hence the name of the collection. 2d-furniture-5 2d-furniture-4 2d-furniture-3 2d-furniture-02 All pieces before assembled, look similar to furniture you might find included in a playset or dollhouse. However, once they are unfolded and put to use, the true functionality can be appreciated. 2d-furniture-4 Designers Kaptein and Bolt expertly managed to create stunningly simple 2D furniture pieces for a 3D world. How’s that for easy storage? 2d-furniture-8

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