100 Movement Prints

There is always room for inspiration and experimentation in the field of art. And because there are only so many pictures of lakes, mountains, and cottages throughout your home, why not try putting up something different and unique on your wall? 100 Movement prints offers a lovely Nordic-inspired, minimalist look at creating art that captures the aesthetic of movement. A twenty-one- year-old Danish artist took hundreds of photos to capture the proper photos for the ten available prints. The artist worked with very little, electing to have colour drive the art, along with the look of movement, in order to create a bold. They approached the shoots wanting to capture photos that were not too sharp or too blurry in order to augment them enough to create a satisfying finished product. By not being too sharp, there was room to create the illusion of flowing movement out of coloured paper kept together by elastics. After finding adequate images, the artist used lighting effects and other editing methods to aid in the illusion of the prints. The finished product is printed on 200 gram silk satin paper. The Kickstarter page, ScandinavianDesign, has produced other campaigns that utilize the Danish artist’s creative approach to art. This particular campaign only ran for twelve days and received more than ten times the set goal in that time. Check out more of the Danish artist’s creativity on their Kickstarter, or find other works they have produced.

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