100 BPM: Simplified Chest Compression

100 BPM is a beautiful design concept that helps increase the success rate of administering compression-only CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to an adult after a cardiac arrest. 100-BPM-Simplified-Chest-Compression-01Created by a team of designers, Natalie Vanns, Shivanjali Tomar, Doris Feurstein and Maxime Dubreucq, this life saving concept won The Red Dot Award 2012 and The IxD Award 2013. 100-BPM-Simplified-Chest-Compression-02Inspired by the fact that in an emergency when some one needs CPR, either people do not know how to perform one or are unsure of their success or ability to do so. 100-BPM-Simplified-Chest-Compression-03Through sound and light, 100 BPM guides you to perform the simplified resuscitation procedure involving only chest compression, and no mouth breaths. You will be able to perform CPR at the right frequency and the right pressure, as these factors are crucial. 100-BPM-Simplified-Chest-Compression-04To reduce the stress of the rescuer, the device provides feedback in instructional voice commands, and updates about the amount of time that has passed. 100 BPM is also equipped with an additional thoughtful feature of giving motivational messages to the rescuer to keep going towards saving the patient’s life. 100-BPM-Simplified-Chest-Compression-05Lightweight, portable and compact, the unit’s main electric components are packed inside the silicone-coated pad. This pad, in turn, rests on a larger fabric base interwoven with LED lights. 100-BPM-Simplified-Chest-Compression-06In an emergency, you can easily and quickly place 100 BPM on the patient’s chest and confidently perform the CPR procedure. The flexible material and design makes it functional on various adult chest sizes. Video:

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