ARC: Ultimate Minimal, Dimmable LED Bulb

Lightbulbs are a major part of our lives, and are everywhere. In particular, LED technology has given us bulbs that have helped make the world brighter and efficient. The issue is that while LED lights are everywhere, they are not used responsibly always, can end up hurting your eyes when viewed. Well, there is a solution to this problem thanks to Arc, The Ultimate Minimal, Dimmable LED Bulb.

This new innovative design was made by  Swedish design brand FLYTE,  who were the creators of the world’s first levitating light bulb. FLYTE gave themselves a mission of transforming everyday light into something beautiful that stands apart, and with ARC, they have succeeded. This time, FLYTE took inspiration from the Nordic climate and thus crafted ARC with minimalist precision for complete efficiency

ARC is designed to withstanding the elements, for use in even the harshest environments, while also designed for comfortable interiors. ARC makes use of energy efficient light emitting diodes that  have a life expectancy of 30,000 hours. For the record, that is about 14 years worth at six hours per days, which makes this a very good value for your money. ARC will fit into any E27/E26 socket and is made to be fully dimmable, in order to make it a perfect addition for the home, office, or even a café, bar or restaurant.

ARC differs from most other LED filaments by using a light guide to spread the light it gives off. This allows the light to be formed at different levels of intensity in order to recreate the experience of a warm fire on a winter night. This is possible because the light guide design, a new innovation by FLYTE, is designed to enable light to be cast over curved surfaces and offer a warm temperature at various degrees of texture. ARC is truly unlike any other LED light, and stands above the rest.

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