Home-brew Craft Beer With Brasii

If you’ve ever wanted the experience of brewing craft beer right in your own home, Brasii is the perfect product for you!

Brewing craft beer is a difficult, intimidating, albeit satisfying experience. Brasii’s goal is to design an easy, user-friendly way to brew craft beer at home while keeping the flavour alive, but lessening the hardship of traditional methods at the same time.


This product is connected to the Internet, and controlled remotely through Brasii’s app and online platform. Users can share or customize recipes, enabling beer-lovers to bond throughout the world. This modern twist puts an emphasis on how anyone can use Brasii in several, easy steps!


An important part of using Brasii is its ability to ensure consistency, so you can enjoy your favourite recipe again and again.

How does Brasii work? First, add water and your ingredients, or a Brasii Batch. Select a recipe through the app or create your own. Allow Brasii to brew and ferment your beer, and then in one week, enjoy your delicious beer!


If you’re new to brewing beer, or you want to brew it all in one easy step, Brasii Batches come with perfectly proportioned ingredients that include everything needed to make beer at home. Customers have the option of ordering pre-selected ingredients, or customized batches that can be delivered directly to you!


Cleaning is quick and easy: simply pull out the filter, empty the hops containers, and place them in the dishwasher.


Brasii can also double as a sous vide machine when not in use for brewing beer! Sous vide is a method to cook your food in which the food will always be cooked to the perfect temperature. It’s the ultimate multifunctional kitchen appliance!

Brasii’s production was cancelled on March 2nd, but to learn more, check out their Kickstarter here.

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