ShadowhawkX 800: Incredible Flashlight

The Shadowhawk X800 is a small, hand-sized incredible flashlight that is a perfect survival tool. It’s a must have for those who want to stay safe and protect their homes. It serves as a regular, high-powered flashlight or as a spotlight.

Shadowhawk X800 is made of state-of-the-art technology and durable, strong metal. It’s made with military grade Aluminum; this means these torches can be dropped, thrown, stepped on or rolled without breaking.



What makes the Shadowhawk stand apart from other flashlights, is it’s ability to zoom. It comes with 2000x zoom, which allows users to light a wide area, for when their searching, or it can be made to focus on a smaller area, for more discrete movements. According to your needs you can make the beam telescopic or narrow.



This torch comes with a strong XPE lightbulb. These are most powerful and bright lightbulbs and can turn any dark night into well-lit safety zones. These special bulbs not only let off a bright, clear light, but it is also encased, meaning that this flashlight can to be used in water as deep as 6 feet. Also, this flashlight comes handy as a self-defence weapon, as it is made up of sturdy material. Further, a reliable and powerful flashlight like this is highly useful during fires or break-ins.

If you’re looking for a powerful safety tool, this incredible flashlight is a great addition to your emergency kit.


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