ZenEgg: Reminding Us to Practice Self Care

The ZenEgg, created by Gašper Premože is a solution to a busy and hectic lifestyle and it serves as a reminder to take time for yourself by reconnecting and de-stressing. The ZenEgg stress toy incorporates break times with play, stimulation, massage and self-reflection. The shape, inspired by a chicken egg, is natural and evolutionarily designed to keep eggs from breaking or rolling away. The shape for the ZenEgg acts as a fun toy while it connects us to non-manufactured objects — something that we rarely have in life any more.


As a Kickstarter project, the ZenEgg reached almost 3000 backers. With the multiple uses of this totem, and the connection of nature and fun, the ZenEgg is a unique stress toy. The warmth of the wood allows for play, stimulation and self-reflection when we need a break from working. These types of breaks recharge our minds and let us return to work with a more energized brain, rather than powering through a problem.


The stress toy sits quietly on a shelf or desk to remind you to take some time for yourself. It functions as a stress-reliever, massage object and fun toy because of the shape and weighted base. The ZenEgg stress toy provides a tangible sensation you can associate with relaxation and you can play with it by nudging, rolling or spinning it and watching it return to its balanced stasis as you settle internally as well.


The ZenEgg feels natural. Being made from wood, it breaks the monotony of possessions that we own which have come from a factory. The wood is a living material that has unique patterns and earthy aromas. They are made locally with traditional wood crafting techniques and are also organically oiled to preserve the wood. The ZenEgg comes in many different woods such as walnut, maple, and pear, so you can pick your own way to get back in touch with your natural state.


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