Looftlighter Eco-friendly Lighter

Sep 20, 2012


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The Looftlighter, invented by Richard Looft from Sweden, is a new eco-friendly way of lighting anything from charcoal to wood. Instead of using lighter liquid (which is a toxic chemical – not ideal for cooking or indoor use), the Looftlighter produces a hot air stream @ more than 1,256 degrees Fahrenheit. With that amount of energy, it only takes 60 seconds to light coal or wood.


The hot air stream is completely clean and free of any chemicals, as it is produced electrically via a typical 110V power outlet. Think of the Looftlighter as a supercharged blow dryer. Because of this, it is great for both outdoors and indoors applications.

After you are done, simply power off the looftlighter. Even though the airstream gets really hot, the casing around it has been designed to cool off in just seconds so that it is safe to touch.

This product is now available on the IPPINKA store.


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