Gorenje HomeCHEF Oven


A sumptuous meal surely fulfills even the most stubborn stomach. However, preparation of such sometimes could be quite tricky. Some recipes require multi-step cooking of the food at different temperatures. Gorenje HomeCHEF is a computerized oven that enables preset changes of temperature, heater type, and cooking time for your selected dish.


Dubbed the Oven Full of Knowledge, HomeCHEF offers 5 operating modes in its TFT colour interactive display that easily responds to touch and comes with 30 language variants.


The oven has a built-in high-performance micro controller and a smartly devised operating system. The fully integrated display is protected with glass, which also makes it easier to clean.


SIMPLEbake Operating Mode
This basic mode contains 9 options of most common dishes. Choosing one of the dishes will set the oven to automatically adjust to the appropriate setting: which heaters to use, what level the tray should be at, and how long it would cook.


AUTObake Operating Mode
The next mode contains 65 dishes classified into categories of meat, vegetables, and pastry. Cooking in this mode will allow some customization from the user: approximate amount, desired level of doneness, and desired time of completion.


PRObake Operating Mode
This mode is ideal for seasoned chefs, giving them the full freedom of controls: duration of cooking time, temperatures, which heaters to use, etc.


MYbake Operating Mode
This mode allows the user to save his/her own recipes in 10 different categories.


EXTRA Operating Mode
This mode provides users more options such as FastPreheat, StayWarm, WarmPlate, FoodDefrost, MeatProbe and AquaClean.



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